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7- 8 Grade

First Day Project For The Students
Students drew a picture of what they thought the inside of their computer looked like. Students were encouraged to show what they thought made their computer's work.

Poem and Illustration
Students created a poem, typed their poems on the computer, then illustrated (one page drawing) their poems using crayons or color pencils on an 8 1⁄2 x 11 piece of paper.

Food Exhibit and Tasting – International Foods
Students researched a recipe from a foreign country of their choice, then typed out the recipe, according to a set format. The student’s recipes were assembled into a cookbook. Students prepared their recipes and brought their dishes to serve at a Social Studies Fair held at the school. The students were encouraged to wear clothing, costume, or accessories that help to highlight their chosen country.

Create A Story
Students were be given an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper; they folded it in threes. Each student drew a head and shoulders on the top 1/3 section of their 8.5 x11 piece of paper and folded and left a little section (lines) and pass it to another person. Then a second person drew a body, on the middle 1/3 section, using the lines. Then a third person finished the legs on the bottom 1/3 section. Students added as much detail as possible, use crayons or color pencils. Students made their drawings humanistic. Their drawings could have been an animal or monster, but had to have a head & shoulders, body and legs.
Finally the person who drew first humanistic drawing (head & shoulders) created a (1) one – (2) two page hand-written story of their drawing for homework. Then students typed their stories using a computer. Students read their stories to their fellow classmates.

There’s a Monster in My E-Mail!

Students participated in a collaborative e-mail project in which they drew and described pictures of monsters for another classmate to recreate.

Students first drew a monster using color pencils or crayons, then typed a description of their drawing.

Then students emailed or put on a floppy their description of their monster to a fellow classmate across the room.

The fellow classmate recreated the monster using the typed description.

Personal PowerPoint Presentation

Students first interviewed a fellow classmate they don’t know much about, using a questionnaire, provider by the teacher. Students then created a short bio about their fellow classmate using PowerPoint.

Graphic Artist
Students became “Graphic Artist” and explored artistic design by making cards, flyers, signs, and banners.