Computer Room Rules

Students should:
  1) enter room quietly, sit in assigned seats, and beginning bell work.

  2) bring notebooks, writing materials as indicated by their teacher.

  3) treat the computer room as a library and be quiet.

  4) be in the computer room only under the supervision of the teacher.

  5) not bring any food or drink into the computer room.

  6) use the computers to help research and learn under supervision of      teacher – including exploring websites on the internet.

  7) not send and receive email or instant messages to each other or to     anyone unless it is part of the instruction directed by the teacher.

  8) not download music or any files nor listen to any music on CDs.

  9) not alter the computer settings – (sound, text, and screen savers).

10) not play games on the computer unless they are related to the subject        matter under the direction of the teacher.

11) save assignments to their folders on their desktops or floppy disk.

12) not reboot or shut down their computers with out permission.

13) report any computer malfunction to teacher immediately.

14) save their work periodically to safeguard against power outages.

15) turn off their computers, push in chairs, line up at the door, and exit       quietly at the end of the day.